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I am a Montana based hyphenate-singer/songwriter, writer/director, actor, and teacher with a background in opera, theatre, and education. But, really, can't anybody say all that? Let me show you some things that I have done. Still here? All right. You must really want to know. The idea is to be interested in others more than myself, or at least to let the work speak for itself. However, this site bears my name. I am selling myself to you, the most important person in this interaction. To continue to do what I do and want to do in the future, I need you. So, here we are. I have been singing my whole life. I don't remember not singing. From the start, that was my connection to the world, to the things I could see and the things that I could not. It was my voice that shaped my world, that helped me understand it.

Joel Corda


I also played percussion when I was younger. I was lucky enough to have grown up in the same town, and attended the same school as Reggie Watts. He was older and more experienced and was already writing his own music, doing his own thing. Because of this, when I joined his band, I didn’t know that the usual for a band is to play continuous covers until some mysterious graduation occurs that allows you to start writing your own damn songs. We just went ahead and skipped to the writing songs part. I have been doing that ever since.
The theatre work started in high school as well. I loved it, but by the time I graduated, it felt too much like theatre, too fake for me. I was burned out on it. So, I went to school for music and played in bands.
I had great teachers at the University of Idaho and got a solid baseline in opera training. There was always part of me that did not enjoy opera, that thought it was too snobby for the masses, even though it had originally been made for the masses. I would rather have Springsteen, Isbell, Cowboy Junkies, etc. So, I kept
(and keep) singing in those bars and making that joyful noise.
From there, the singing in school evolved into theatre at school. While singing in my first opera, I met my wife. Well, she wasn’t my wife at first. It wasn’t arranged … you get me.
Then, after graduating with a degree in Vocal Performance, I was invited to stick around and work toward an MFA in Theatre. I taught and took classes and performed in a lot of shows. It was inspiring and wonderful.
I have done quite a bit of theatre and probably even more singing. I picked up a Master’s Degree in Education is well. I have taught theatre and music. I have written screenplays, directed shows, and played a lot of music. I will write quite a bit about it on the blog. Thank you for coming to check this all out. I need you and I appreciate you.

– Joel

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