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Can’t Help But Think 

Thought it was gone, but it’s back again. 

 Thought it was weakness, but it’s strength, my friend. 

 Well, I can’t help but think of those things you said to me. 

I can’t help but think of the ways we can’t be free  


Was hoping the road would Stem the call. 

 Was hoping the journey would be balm for all. 

 Well, I can’t help but think of the way you smiled at me. 

Well, I can’t help but think of the ways we can be free. 

Oh, Oh Oh  

Oh, Oh Oh  

 Think you got it all straight in your head,  

but someone’s pain is over when you’re dead. 

 I can’t help but think of the different ways to see. 

Can’t help but think the world of difference between you and me. 

 Oh, Oh Oh  

Oh, Oh Oh  

 Build a home, Walls and all. 

 Build a life, watch it fall. 

 Well, I can’t help but think of that joke about making a plan. 

 Well, I can’t help but think that God is just a stubborn man  

 Oh, Oh Oh 

 Oh, Oh Oh  





The Upset 

 I haven’t cleaned my ears since the upset. 

Been drinking all the beers. oh, the upset. 

You can’t just stand around with the upset. 

Can’t afford to make a sound. Where’s the upset? 

 Oh, The Upset. 

 Oh, The upset. 

I haven’t felt so well ‘cause the upset. 

They say it hurt like hell for them, the upset. 

I haven’t spoken much since the upset. 

I have missed the gentle touch from the upset. 

 Oh, The Upset… 

 Counting cars, counting cars, counting cars just flowing by  

On this busted screened-in porch. 

how I long, how I long, darling, how I long to go anywhere, 

 oh, anywhere with you.  

 My friend is leaving now ‘cause the upset 

 Says this town has let him down, oh, the upset. 

 Says he can’t just live his life, ‘cause the upset. 

 I haven’t told my wife yet, for the upset.  

 My father’s pride was calling the upset. 
They don’t listen to the little guy, there’s your upset. 

 There’re things I didn’t know save the upset, 

’Bout how angry people’ve been. bring the upset. 

 Oh, The Upset… 

 So it seems, so it seems, so it seems double rent is coming due 

 and you won’t get back the deposit. 
Things unbelieved, things unbelieved are coming true. 

 Let’s hope that we can stand it. 

 Been crying too many tears since the upset. 

 It’s preying on my fears. Oh, the upset. 
I can’t tell what’s wrong ‘cause the upset. 

 I haven’t sung along since the upset. 

 Oh, The Upset… 




What have you planned?  

Where did it all go wrong?  

Are you still trying to find the perfect chorus to the song?  

 Do you wish I was there? 
Do you wish it was me? 
Can we just admit we think about the things that could have been?  


 You know it turns me inside out. 

You know I just want to stay in. 
I would rather turn those channels than let bad thinking in. 


 Can’t you make that sound?  

Can’t you bang that drum?  

Will you ever get over the parts and our sum?  

Just lift the needle. 

Drop it down once more (once more).  

I can tell you how it all ends. 
I can tell you what’s in store.  



Codone Shakes  

I’ve got this buzzing in my ear. 

I’ve got this blurring in my eyes.  

 I’ve got this feeling of untethered reality.  

If this is weakness, pass me by. 

 I got these mantras clear. 
I’ve got these ties that bind. 
I have these things to keep me tethered to the earth. 

So help me God, they’re all mine. 

  The love of you should keep me safe 

 And anchored in this realm of life. 

 But I am floating somewhere in between the desperation 
and the reasons to stay dry.  

 Oh, almost Gone, almost gone, almost gone from here.  

Oh, almost Gone, almost gone, almost gone from here.  

 I can’t stand on these two feet. 
I can’t do much on my own. 
I’m just the homesick alien waiting to touch down in this home. 

 I’ve got things untold. 
I’ve got this big dumb heart. 
I just keep dragging it round and round with me likes it’s a goddamned work of art.  

 So, take the ribbon from your hair. 
Cut it up with shining shears. 
Drop little pieces leading back to the source of you, 

 Lead me safely out of here  

 Oh, almost Gone, almost gone, almost gone from here.   

Oh, almost Gone, almost gone, almost gone from here  

Oh, almost Gone, almost gone, almost gone this year  

Oh, almost Gone, almost gone, almost gone from here  

 I got the codone shakes. 
I got the dreamless sleep. 
I got the feeling of falling helplessly,  

and I can’t see a way to be free. 


The Times She Lied  

Hey! She’s not telling the truth.   

Hey! She’s not interested in your pain.   

Hey! She’s just trying to make it all go.  

Smooth it out. Reign you in.  


The times that she lied and said you’re a good man. 

 The time that she lied and said you were sane. 

 The times she lied and said it didn’t hurt her at all,  
the broken promises and the weight.  


Hey! She’s not willing to give you up. 
Hey! Yes, it’s a lack of good judgement on her part.  

Hey! IT’s all part of what she signed up for  

when she said yes to you and your big, dumb heart. 


The times she lied and said, “Yes, I understand.”  

The times she lied and said You made sense.  

The times she lied and said it’s all good enough,  

while you’re hanging out with your worst self.  


 Don’t worry, darling. I’ll say something funny soon.  
Just getting used to the notion that you know I’m a fool.  
Did you hear the one about the guy trying to take on the world with low esteem and bad football knees from school?  






Be Here Now  

Stepping stone values and tenderness lost, 
It’s been a spell since I’ve slowed it all down, 
and looked on your face,  

just to look on your face, 

 with the care, 
and the Time, 
and the intent, 
and the thought… 

Baby, I can be here now.  

I can be here now. 

I can be here now.  

I can be here now.  


It’s kicking up a gale from the outside world, 
But from within, I’ve never been without. 
I can count on one hand the times we’ve lost the thread,  

But countless are the times I’ve assumed. 

Hey, Baby, I can be here now. 


 I can be here now … 


You’ve given much more than you’ve taken. 
I can’t nearly say the same. 
It’s not that the pillars are shaken, 
just the eye that’s occasionally sane.  


So, put down the dishes. 
I’ll turn off the t.v. 
We’ll let the boy play in traffic for a while. 

 Let’s turn on the music. 
Let’s move for a while, 
‘cause these moments won’t always be here now. 


 I can be here now…  


My big dumb heart blows it all apart… 



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