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Drive in my car, 
I can drive fast, 
can go far. 
Drive in my car, 
I can drive fast, 
To where you are. 
From where you are, I can see things I’ve never known. 
But these things, they seem a long, long way from home.  


Come to your window.  

Now, it’s clear. 
Now, we’re free.  

Come to your window.  

Climb down.  

Come be with me. 
Come be with me, 
I’ve got nothing but time. 
Come be with me, I’ve got something on my mind.  


I need a real connection. 
I need some real affection.  

I need a real connection. 
I need some real affection.  


And these days are longer than I’ve ever known. 
Take away these days, give me chills, chills to the bone.  

Chills to the bone remind me of days when I’m at home.  

When I’m at home, I can’t drive, 
I’m all alone.  


Pack away  

Pack away your sorrows. 

Leave them here for now. 

 We’ll be leaving in the morning. 

 I’ll back for them somehow. 

 I remember the day 
when fear brought along his friends, 

 Eating there in my kitchen,  

telling family stories again. 

 ‘Cause the light has it’s doubting 

 and dark needs company. 

I need you for the longing. 

I need you for me. 

 I hear it may be coming. 
I hear that may be soon. 
I’ve been hearing this my whole life, 

 every turning of the moon. 

 Talk about open chasms, 
And the schism of the earth, 

 and the heavens that break open. 

Who should be there, but you? 

 Had a dream of darkness, 

 So final, deep, and true. 
It rolled its way over me. 

 In that, I had no sense of you. 

  Awake and barely breathing. 

 Awake to startling blue, 

 Reached my way over, 

 Swam my way there to you. 

 So, pack away your sorrows. 

It’s nothing that’s so new. 

Stay or go, don’t matter. 

 When or where- don’t count, too. 

 I don’t care about the details, 

just as long as there’s you. 



Crushing Fire  

Under my heart,  

Rings like a bell,  

Under a chain.  

Under my feet,  

Trampling leaves,  

You’re to blame. 


Crushing fire coming down over me.  


Shock to my hand, 

 Through my arm, 

 Straight to my heart. 

 You come around, 

 Twirling your hair, 

 You play the part. 


Crushing fire coming down Over me. 

And I Feel so young again. 

 And I feel so dumb again. 

 And I feel so… Young again  


Dropping snow, 

 Falling silver, 

Get me out of this town. 

 Your crooked smile, 

 And singing voice, 

 Make me stay around  


Crushing fire Coming down Over me. 


Little Lost 

I’m a little lost.  

Not too far gone.   

I can make it safe,   

but it takes a lot more from me, 

 than a little bit.  

Gonna need a little touch.  

Gonna need a little assurance  

That it won’t be all too much.  

 Bring a little bread, 
Bring a little wine, 
Make sure everybody at this party has a damn good time. 

 When it’s time to quit, 
When it’s time to go, 
Just you tap me on the shoulder and 
let me know. 

 When They’re all gone, 

Will you sing this Song?  

When we’re all gone  

Will You Play along?  

 Should we stand on faith? 
I have more than enough of pride, 

But I ain’t ashamed to admit when I’ve sat right down and cried. 

 When They’re all gone  

Will you sing this Song?   

When we’re all gone  

Will You Play along?  

 Am I all done? 
Have I had My fun?  

Have they called the cops,  

pointed me out as the one? 

 Well, It’s all okay. 

 Yeah, it’s all fine. 
I’ve never been too good on your side of this line. 



Drive All Night  

I’ll watch, 
I’ll wait, 
For your form 
For your hesitate. 

In time, 
with you, 
this weight, this cross on my chest slipped away. 

I’ll drive all night, 
Knock at your door, 
You’re not there, 
But neither is the sadness anymore.  

Down from 
Your door, 
Feeling mad, 
Feeling everything. 
This path, 
side walk, 
car door, 

 inside, in gear, in flow. 

Isbell, 97’s, and the junkies, too  

I’ll drive all night…  

And what a lovely parting gift you’ve given me. 

 And what a lovely way to burn. 
These things that were a part of me, 
Are not part of me,  

I’ve learned. 




Now, untethered, too. 

 Not spun, 
but calm. 
Not yours, 
not even if I wanted to.  

Drive all night knock at your door x2  


Open up your big, dumb heart and let something in. 



Light in The Dark  

Well, it’s not getting easier, 

 And maybe it just won’t anytime soon. 

 Just hope and hold onto something. 

 Just hold something close. 

 Be a Light in the dark. 

 Be a voice for the crowd. 

 Be a light in the dark.  

 Make that phone call. 

 Tie that bind. 

They say love is lord. 

 I don’t know about that, 

 But I could use yours. 

 Be a light in the dark. 

 Be a voice on the line. 

 Be a light in the dark. 

 Be a light in the dark. 

 Be a hope in their hearts. 

 Remember that that moon 
Is that moon for everyone. 

 Be aware that the sun, 
It’s the same sun for everyone. 

 Be a light in the dark. 

 Be a voice for the crowd. 

 Be a light in the dark. 

 Be a light in the dark. 

 Be the voice reaching out. 

 Be a light in the dark. 

 Be a light in the dark. 

 Be a hopeful song. 

 Be a light in the dark. 

  Be a light in the dark. 

 Be a hope in my heart. 

 Be a light in the dark.  


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